Vacation Dinner Day 1 Sesame Sauce Noodles

For dinner at Yilan, I tried out two different noodle stands that were both famous for sasame sauce noodles. The first I went was called 阿茂麵攤 (A Mao Noodle Stand)

Noodles at A Mao had better texture. The sauce was relatively refreshing and had some Sichuan pepper aroma.

The second stand I went was called 宜蘭頭城麻醬麵(Yilan Tochen Sesame Sauce Noodles).

Score: (5 means perfect)

Environment: 3.5

Service: 3.5

Food: 3.5

CP: 4

Req: 3.5

This one was famous for its signature rich and thick sesame sauce. I would say this one tasted better regarding the sesame factor.

Fried pork roll. A little bit cold, not crispy and too oily.

Yilan Chitterlings tasted a little bit QQ

Pork intestines soup

Score: (5 means perfect)

Environment: 2.5

Service: 3

Food: 3

CP: 4

Req: 3.5

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