Vacation Lunch at 花蓮香扁食 (Hualian Shan Bian Shu)

Today we left Yilan to Hualian. On the way to the accommodation, we drove to Hualian downtown for lunch because there were more restaurants and eateries. Hualian is famous for 扁食(pronounced Bian Shu) which literally means Flat Food. Flat food was similar to Hon Don with different way of rapping dough skins.

They served three kinds of Won Don with different fillings.
Soup shrimp won ton is juicy and the shrimp is bouncy fresh and sweet.
Soup Meat only won ton tasted less excited comparing to other two flavors.
My dry hot oil won don with meat and chives fillings. For me this was the best of the three. The meat was juicy and the chives enriched the flavor of thr won dons. More importantly, the bowl garnished with hot oil, vinegar, beansprouts and sauerkraut were super tasty especially in such hot weather.

Score (5 means perfect):

Environment: 3.5

Service: 3.5

Food: 5

CP: 4

Req: 5

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