Vacation Lunch Day 4 at 阿姑的店(Aunty’s Eatery)

Aunty’s Eatery is a very popular restaurant in Ji An township Hualian. Not only tourists are getting in line to give it a try, this is where locals eat from time to time.

the sign
Boiled pork neck served with ginger and garlic red chili pepper soy sauce.
The pork was tender and tasted amazing with the soy sauce. Love it!
Sauted beef with peeled green chili pepper and various veges. NT$280
The beef was tender and the sauce was great. Onions and peppers were crunchy and juicy. The sauce was special, you could taste the auroma of coriander which was rare in Chinese saute beef dishes.
Pickled peeled green chili pepper was a common food in Taiwan. You can eat it alone or use it in cooking. Sauted peeled green chili pepper in this case matched pretty well with the beef, adding a little bit of kick making the dish more 3 dimensional.
Fried taro rolls is the signature dish of the restaurant. It is more like a dessert dish.
The taro filling tasted sweet and flaky. The yellow filling was dried egg yolk that was commonly used as fillings of pastries like pineapple cakes in Taiwan.
Outside was crispy and inside was soft and rich. For a taro lover, this is definitely a must try. I can eat it on a daily basis.
Fried shrimp and garlic with green onions was also a must try dish.
The fried shrimp was crispy enough that you could eat the whole shrimp along with the shell. Moreover, though it was crispy, the meat was bouncy, succulent, and full of flavor. You could also add some fried garlic in your bowl and eat them with white rice. Definitely worth trying!
Fried squid with Thai sweet and sour sauce.
The squid was fresh, crispy outside and tender inside. Fried squids or cuttlefish has always been a popular snack in Taiwan. The flavor was fine but not that exciting comparing to other dishes.

Scores (5 means perfect)

Environment: 4

Service: 2.5

Food: 4.5

CP: 4

Req: 4.5

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