Vacation Snacks Day 4 at 建華冰店(Jian Hua Ice Shop)

On the way home, we stopped by a famous ice shop called 建華冰店 at Nan Au township Yilan. It is famous for 清冰(pronounced ching bing, 冰means ice), a kind of ice simply made with water and isoamyl acetate also known as banana oil. Ching bing is a common dessert in southern and eastern Taiwan. In north, shaved ice is usually made of water only.

At Jian Hua, you can choose different toppings with your three basic ching bing balls.
Pure chin bin balls.
Ching bing with mulberry sauce. A little bit sour.

This one was the shop’s signature ice called 傳教士冰 (missionary ice). The name derived from the missionaries in early Taiwan hustling between different areas doing their work, therefore in order to maintain their health without troubling the church members too much, they would ask for every topping added to their ice including a raw egg to ensure their nutritions. The toppings include red and green bean paste, grounded peanut, and drizzled with some condensed milk. Besides the three basic ice balls, you get to choose an egg or a ball of ice cream on top of that. I chose ice cream. Better not eat raw eggs on this island.

Scores (5 means perfect)

Environment: 2.5

Service: 3.5

Food: 3.5

CP: 3

Req: 3.5

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