The Importance of Being Earnest

I was looking at the jobs again late at night. Tired of checking out the work contents of sales representatives as they ended up without much difference, so I turned to some finance related jobs and most of them required certifications like trust bond, securities ,and futures. Then there were lots of vacancies of quantitative analysts (quants) with apprent higher pay and promising prospects. Is it now to late to say sorry? Or I’m just not that into programming? I almost forgot all Python syntax. I stumbled upon Joma TechTech on YouTube interviewing his brother David Ma’s prior job at Two Sigma, a NYC based hedge fund, as a quant and some related questions.

It reminds me that no matter what job I apply, in the end what matters the most are the actual skills that we build up that we can apply to work. Some can be monetized directly and others require more steps.

Thus, the most important thing for me right now is to build up and sharpen my skills as much as I can. Since I’ve spent $1000 something on Amazon FBA training, I really really need to focus on squeezing every single juices out of this truly worthy watermelon in order to prove that I am perfectly capable of building a steady income stream from scratch.

Now my prodocts are going to launch, God bless I can have the strength to get this thing done. I did learned something(I prefer using some instead of many since I still slack off from time to time out of boredom) in the past 12 months. Balancing work and entertainment is impossible for me or more accurately weary and overwhelming. Just like that I used to force myself into “healthy lifestyle” eating healthy, fasting, exercise regularly etc. I hate to feel like I have to do these in order to feel fulfilled. It’s either a fucking crazy workaholic or a timesucker coach potato for me. I hate switching modes back and forth since it requires the most energy and effort to channel back to highly intensive work mode.

Before my current semi self employment, I worked for a sail cloth company from 9 to 6. The reason I called it semi was because I was working for a factory to sell its products, so I skipped the Find course in the training, and jumped to building the products and listing, etc.

Now I understand how important market reasearch is since it is the foundation to everythimg. Finding the right product to sell is the fucking key and it requires solid evaluation system.

As a result, I just have to do my best to sell my current products and learn as much as I can. (still, doing something is better than nothing) Btw, the real pain in the ass is to find a trust worthy supplier that provides steady highy quality products while keeping the promise as per NDA. I never like talking to strangers, exhausting.

I had extremely low self-esteem while working at sail cloth company (yet still higher than a summer internship at my professor’s office. Working for him was truly a nightmare, feeling like a piece of shit every single day.) I felt like there was nothing I could do, and there got to be something wrong with me. It took me couple of months to gradually regain those self-esteem as a human being.

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