Day3 海邊的台東

昨晚一直找星星,然後就忘記發生什麼事了,只記得好像有人在室內抽煙,觸動一樓消防警報,我下到一樓把超高頻聲音關掉。今早起床睡到下午,晃來晃去瑄瑄在寫作業,我在看YouTube,搞一搞已經三點多了,出門時老闆還很驚訝看到我們,應該os 說怎麼有房客這麼懶xd 。台東市區大部份時間五點多才營業,所以我們決定先去藍蜻蜓墊肚子,然後至少看到海,再找咖啡廳辦公。

這次點了藍蜻蜓套餐 漢堡不好吃
走去海邊的路上買個花生鮮奶麻糬 店員服務態度不佳 但麻糬不錯吃 有點冰冰的 很好咬 可惜傳統的口味賣完了 沒吃到

全台灣還是台東的海 無與倫比的美麗


看完海 瑄瑄告訴我一個他媽討人厭的故事後 就去吃念茲在茲的碳烤雞排 在Google review 看到有人說 雖然老闆跟老闆娘臉上沒有笑容 但東西不錯吃xd many locals also came for food. the chicken was good but the sauce was a bit too sweet for me

after fried chicken we decided to work at Starbucks for couple of hours. Personally I kind of love this place, it’s spacious, cozy, and has great vibe. it would be better with charger
luckily we bought our drinks on the last day of buy one get one free period
passion fruit tart not recommended but overall everythings fine.

after Starbucks we went to 癡漢燒烤 The portion was a bit too small and bit too salty but we had a nice beer time there



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