Monday Brunch at TOPO 拓樸本然 with Beautiful Wooden Design

Another hazy day. I didn’t get enough sleep before going to 榮總 for a biopsy report with Mom, so carsick daymare again. While waiting for her, I took a nap in the car at the hospital’s parking lot.  A few drips dropped onto my face through the open window, so I closed it a bit more. Not long after mom came back, we left for brunch at Charles’ Kitchen which was a beloved neighborhood restaurant located halfway up a hill. Though we only realized it was closed on Mondays when we were there. Should have checked the google map. Hence we decided to turn the wheel to TOPO 拓樸本然, a newly opened brunch restaurant known for its beautiful wooden architecture with, of course, an essential more than 4 star-rated google review.

Door Front


water between the stair gaps with fishy swimming, very “lively”
the door
cozy window seat



The soup was really nice. Served hot, potato-flavored, creamy, and simply delicious.
pretty utensils
Egg Benedict with steak. The eggs were soft and creamy, and the hollandaise sauce was mild. The asparagus was fresh and crunchy.


French toast with lox and cream cheese, nice quality. I prefer bagel personally though. The salad was delicious too.


Good quality coffee. A bit sour but smooth.


Address: No. 7, Lane 38, Section 7, Zhongshan North Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111


Phone: 02 2876 9337


Wednesday 8AM–5PM
Thursday 8AM–5PM
Friday 8AM–5PM
Saturday 8AM–5PM
Sunday 8AM–5PM
Monday 8AM–5PM
Tuesday 8AM–5PM

一盤盤有著清爽氣息、溫和色調的美食陸續上桌,眼前這片光景是多麼豐盛與熱鬧,像是聚會那般,準備開動!來到位在天母的 topo+cafe / 拓樸本然,你能享受一個人的清靜、兩個人的愜意、三個人的開心。由於topo+老闆的弟弟有著設計背景,其建築外觀及內部皆由弟弟設計,充分地將小空間發揮運用,創造出不可思議的景觀,而topo+老闆則是從澳洲墨爾本學習料理,歸國後更將一身所學轉移到餐廳上頭,用心地挑選食材、堅持手工製作⋯等要求,更使得他們的料理好吃、令人印象深刻!topo+ cafe’ 及拓樸本然空間設計環境舒適、柔和,適合久待休憩,食物好吃、有飽足感且不失質感,價格部分不是主打平價,但以食材使用、料理製作方面而言,我認為是相當值得的!從2011年至今,topo+誕生了將近五年的時間,他們一如既往的追求、講究用心、健康、美味,希望能提供給客人最優質的服務和料理。或許就是如此的拼勁與執念,才能於天母商圈屹立不搖了五年之久吧!

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