Hiking to 雲森瀑布 YunSen Waterfall

I stayed up late last night to watch “The Half of It”, a Netflix presented film regarding an Asian gay story. I love it. I hadn’t slept till 5, so basically I slept less than 2 hours. It was painful to get up, but I still managed to do it. Mom kept asking me if I wanted an egg, which kind of irritated me since I just woke up and felt like shit. After brushing my teeth and getting my backpack ready, I tried to get some sleep on the rocking chair while waiting for Jintsai. Mom chuckled because I looked like a grumpy bb.

It was a 20 something drive to get on the hill. We got there around 8, there were just several cars parked and didn’t see anyone else. I thought this was some kind of private spot, but later it proofed I was very wrong. The air was chilly but fresh. I love the smell of nature and it eased the unwellness of carsick, though still feeling a bit weak. I asked mom for the tuna onigiri she bought from the Family mart. I was still concerned if my stomach could handle more breakfast, so I turned down mom’s offer of a tea leaf egg. Initially, I thought the whole hiking would be an ordeal, but miraculously, it turned out quite alright, even better. The trail began with some flat leafy paths, but then it switched to more rocky terrains. The landscape sort of varied from time to time, so it wasn’t too boring. Otherwise, I would definitely put my headset on.

The water was clean. You could see little fish and shrimps in the creek.
fish were eating egg yolk
beautiful sunlight
into the forest
rolling hills


halfway through the waterfall
rocky mountain


manmade driftwood bridge to the waterfall


the bridge


after an hour hike, we finally arrived at our destination, YunSen Waterfall



I guess maple leaves here are evergreen


shooting from the opposite side of the waterfall


the other hiker told us a trail to go above the waterfall. Shooting down from the top with a rainbow.


the upper creek of the waterfall
beautiful mossy rocks. look like chocolates dusted with matcha powder. I would be thrilled if they were real.


colorful leaves in the stream


second shot before hiking down the waterfall. Double rainbow this time.

On our way back, it got more and more crowded. If you ever wanted to come here, come early, which is not only cooler but quieter. In the car, I put on my earphone and listened to one of my all-time favorites, Isakov’s album, This Empty Northern Hemisphere while slowly regaining carsick. While driving through 13 skies, we stopped by to buy 4 bentos for lunch along with Ama’s.

Although it was nice to get some fresh air in a remote area, considering all the effort, my favorite part would still be listening to Isakov and eating bento.

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