Happy Mother’s Day


A hot sunny day. Today is my birthday and tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I got up at noon, and mom had already come back from Mt. 鳶尾. 瑄瑄 called us to pick her up from the dorm. Mom said she was too tired to drive, so I drove. The traffic was okay, not too terrible considering a holiday. As soon as 瑄瑄 got into the car, she gave Mom a rose. She also bought another unknown kind of flower for Ama. The rose was exported, NT$60 for one. Mom was happy, she loved roses, especially red. While I drove, Mom and 瑄瑄 started to babble about how peckish they were and what to eat later. They also asked me about the second-hand book that I intended to sell. They said that I used to tell them how glorious the books were, and now I couldn’t even remember. It’s kind of hilarious, but after the reminder, I did recall a few things like how I used to defend the book on some guy’s negative review very seriously.

After we got back, I went on my bike again disregarding everyone’s advice to mail the books first at the convenience store before eating anything during the hottest time of the day. When I got back, they were all eating dumplings and ramen upstairs with AC turned on. I finished the rest of the dumplings and some noodle soup and brought the empty bowls downstair. I was still a bit hungry, so I cooked myself a hot dog with my favorite sauce, Heinz Jalapeño ketchup that we recently bought from Carrefour. It was so good that I had to eat it every day. For dinner, we didn’t go out to celebrate, instead, we just made some pasta with ketchup trying to replicate Japanese style pasta, Napolitan (Japanese: ナポリタン)  because 瑄瑄 got hooked on a Japanese TV series called Shin’ya Shokudō. After dinner, we started to play the board game, Betrayal Legacy. Mom apparently wasn’t that into the game. She was either too frightened or too loose to concentrate.

Some friends wish me a happy birthday via Line and FB. I even got a call from my uncle. Thank you guys so much. No matter what, these 24 years are worth it, and more importantly, still going STRONG!DSC04137

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