Into the Foggy Forest: Taipingshan Recreation Area Day 3 Part 1 太平三日 終部曲: 日食遊 Part1

Itinerary 2020 5/13 – 5/15

Day 1

  • 呂家傳統魚丸米粉
  • 鐵杉林步道 Taiwan Hemlock Forest Nature Trail
  • 太平山莊 (松柏小屋) Taipoingshan Villa

Day 2

  • 翠峰山屋 Cueifong Villa
  • 台灣山毛櫸步道 Taiwan Beech Trail
  • 翠峰湖環山步道 Cueifong Lake Circular Trail

Day 3

  • 望洋山步道 Wangyangshan Trail (Sunrise)
  • 翠峰湖環山步道 Cueifong Lake Circular Trail (too foggy to see the lake yesterday)
  • 見晴懷古步道 Jiancing Historic Trail
  • 鳩之澤溫泉 Jiuzhize (Renze) Hot Springs
  • Long face 臭臉甜點工作室
  • 阿娘給的蒜味肉羹  mother’s love garlic meat soup

I didn’t get much sleep, wake up on an hourly basis. At 4 am, Xuan decided to see the sunrise, mom and I weren’t planning to go, but finally, we were talked into it. I changed my shorts into the trousers, it was kind of cold in the early morning, even for someone like me.

The trail for sunrise was called Wangyangshan Trail, which meant “watch ocean” in Chinese, it was also a side trail of Cueifong Lake Circular Trail. I thought it was gonna be an ordeal for me again, but it turned out okay though the trail seemed so far. Afraid to miss the sun, I trotted with sleepy eyes, puffing and blowing, but still had to stop once in a while to catch my breath. Xuan and Mom arrived at the top first, and when I finally got there, the sun had begun to show his face.

The The sun could really blind you, no kidding. should have turned up my ISO, too sleepy to contemplate.
the best shot perhaps

After the sunrise, we went to see the lake again. We saw some interesting animals including Yellow-throated marten. It was adorable. When we headed back, we saw it came out of the bush to the wooden walkway. It didn’t noticed us because we were few meters away standing behind it. It only noticed us when it heard Mom chuckled. It was kind of funny to see it stunned for a second but then proceed into another bushes.

The breakfast was far better than the dinner. I had many bowls of porridge, but too bad they didn’t offer white steamed buns like it had on the first day.

Cueifong Lake
some trees by the lake
I never knew that Mom was a bird person. She kept searching for birds relentlessly.
unknown insect
Yellow-throated marten
and its tail
fancy some brekkie?
porridge for breakfast. starts your day with some tranquility and for the sake of your stomac
Our Balcony
圖像裡可能有1 人、戶外
we saw a group of monkeys by the road, so we stopped and cracked the window. A female monkey was curious about what was inside our car, so she tiptoed.


After breakfast and some naps, we left the villa and drove down the hill to Jiancing Historic Trail. The parking spaces at the entrance were full and the policeman was already ticketing for parking violations, we had no choice but to drive farther to the other tourist parking lot and walked back. At first, we thought the parking lot was located up on a slope, but it turned out to be Chunghwa Telecom’s engine room, nonetheless we still parked there for its relatively low distance from the trail. There were no designated path for passerby, so we had to walked on the asphalt road right after the passing cars. It was probably the least pleasing part of the whole journey. Xuan had to truned on her cellphone’s flash light to let the cars see us in the fog.

Jiancing Historic Trail used to be railways that carried woods under Japanese colonial rule. It was flat all the way and have several small suspension bridges in potential collapsing soil areas to ensure the availability for passing.


圖像裡可能有植物、樹、橋樑、天空、戶外和大自然圖像裡可能有樹、植物、天空、戶外和大自然圖像裡可能有植物、樹、戶外、大自然和水I amused everyone圖像裡可能有1 人、坐下、樹、植物、小孩、戶外和大自然A giant holo tree
tt圖像裡可能有一或多人、大家站著和戶外th圖像裡可能有一或多人、大家站著、樹、天空、橋樑、植物、戶外和大自然a boxer is born圖像裡可能有一或多人、大家站著、樹、天空、植物、戶外、大自然和水a giant tree
going back


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