Friday Night with Mayor of Taipei

Xuan was in her Monthly Confidence Crisis again and didn’t feel like seeing anyone…

Mom and I decided to visit her.

We went to Salvia (蘇草), a cafe that also served pasta and rice. Xuan didn’t want to walk too far from the dorm to try out new restaurants, so we just went straight to this small lovely cafe that she had taken me once.

We ordered a fried chicken rice bowl, a Thai Seafood Pasta, a honey and cream waffle for dessert, and redeemed a popcorn chicken. The overall quality of the food was good enough at this price. Everything was warm and tasty just as I had expected.

fried chicken leg with salsa sauce, kimchi, cucumber salad, and pumpkin soup. What I like about this cafe is that whatever needs to be served hot is hot. Staffs are also friendly and helpful without being over-attentive.
The fresh sweet and sour Thai Seafood Pasta was very appetizing. NT$240
Waffle with honey & cream NT$200 Hot and crispy that warmed everyone’s heart, especially Xuan’s.
taking a stroll while passing through NTU social science library
NTU library

After saying goodbye to Xuan, spying on Xuan finding out she was heading back to the dorm instead of studying in the library, wandering at the campus, starting to get mosquitos’ attention, mom decided to buy some Vietnam Sandwiches at Gongguan Night Market.

While mom was surveying the food at the stall, a crew of noisy people with cameras caught my attention. It was the mayor of Taipei, Ko Wen-je 柯文哲, inspecting the sanitation of the night market. It has been quite a while since last time I saw a celebrity, so I grabbed my camera and chased after him. There were too many tall people blocking my view, a kind lady who appeared to be one of Ko’s counselor told me to go to the front. I was really satisfied with the picture that made me feel like a journalist. Maybe I can write some tabloid…

Mayor checking out the fried chicken stall
Mayor 柯文哲 smiling while taking photos. The lady in the white jacket was the deputy mayor, Huang Shan-shan 黃珊珊


mayor getting into the van
April 14th by Lunar Calendar, almost full moon.

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