Work Journal: Working at a startup in Taiwan_workplace

After saying goodbye to my previous not so impressive venture, I finally got a part-time job as a marketing intern through Yourator, a startup job searching platform based in Taiwan. The company I worked for is a “SaaS company based in Pasadena, California and Taipei, specializing in media outreach and influencer engagement”.  Basically what we do is matching brands with medias, as companies need visibility and journalists need stories. Well, the truth is journalists don’t need stories, their mailboxes are packed with hundreds of pitch emails every day. Anyway, I don’t want to spend too much time on press releases in this article. Let’s get back to the FUN part.


I’ve been working here for almost a month. Since I’m a part-time, I work only three days a week from Tuesday to Thursday 9:30am – 6:00pm. I’m not sure if it’s arranged for the sake of my convenience, but I do appreciate it. Just like everyone else, I was trying to figure out the commuting time, quickest route, and perfect timing to leave the house. Generally, it takes me 1.5 hr to get to the office, but I usually get up around 4 or 5 am recently out of anxiety. When I get up, I usually take a walk or go jogging and take a shower before heading to the office.

Our office was one of the rent rooms of an office building not far from the MRT station(subway), just a five minute walk. There are many office buildings and restaurants in this block. The office room was small yet bearable. I share a desk along with other three colleagues from the marketing team. I don’t like the seats though. We don’t have bean bags but has a big drawer with snacks from monthly purchases. And as for the pantry room, there was a fridge, a microwave, a water dispenser, heaters, coffee brewer, etc. The bathroom was mediocre, it could’ve been better.

Overall, I would very much like an ergonomic chair, a private space where I can take a nap(I need a nap very much) and have some private moment, and a clean bathroom that does not smell.


Now we’re getting to the most exciting part of the whole article, the people! Oh man, where should I start? I guess I’ll leave it to the next article… stay tuned.

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