Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs

After watching spaghetti and meatball youtube videos of Gennaro Contaldo, OrsaraRecipes, Ina Garten, Nigella Lawson, Sam the Cooking Guy, Adam Ragusea … I’ve developed my own easy way of cooking it without onion yet sill maximizing the flavor. First meatballs. Since Mom already made some Japanese hamburg steak(hambagu) mixtures, I took some and made themContinue reading “Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs”

Friday Night with Mayor of Taipei

Xuan was in her Monthly Confidence Crisis again and didn’t feel like seeing anyone… Mom and I decided to visit her. We went to Salvia (蘇草), a cafe that also served pasta and rice. Xuan didn’t want to walk too far from the dorm to try out new restaurants, so we just went straight toContinue reading “Friday Night with Mayor of Taipei”

Summer Unwind at Mr.Chef 雪腐

Sending 瑄瑄 back, we had some shaved ice to cool us down on this hot summer day. On the way home, I played some rainy day songs like Cannonball and Time After Time. The first time I heard Time after Time was Eva Cassidy’s cover, I wasn’t really fond of Cyndi Lauper’s version until theContinue reading “Summer Unwind at Mr.Chef 雪腐”

Driving All the Way to the Dessert

Yesterday, while mom and I were walking to Carrefour, mom noticed a man selling desserts with a conspicuous pink truck that was parked in the parking space by the street. Lemon tarts were sold out, so we bought a berry one and a loaf of bread instead. Mom was satisfied with the tart and theContinue reading “Driving All the Way to the Dessert”

Lunch at Wired Tokyo 蔦屋 松山店

今天出發去接瑄瑄順便去吃午餐。因為上次媽媽說內湖店不錯,引起瑄瑄興趣。我們繞了兩圈終於找到Citylink停車場的入口,跟意舍酒店大樓同一棟,停車場地址:115台北市南港區市民大道七段8號7 樓。   2F Wired Tokyo, the cafe restaurant located in Tsutaya bookstore        

Hallå Cafe 三峽

今天跟媽媽和瑄瑄去新開不久的Hallå Cafe. 他們點了沙拉,聽說不錯吃,因為我坐完才去,所以猶豫了好久,plus 等下要跟姐姐去台北看結婚照片可能會吃東西所以陷入了比平常更嚴重的選擇障礙,大概花了30分鐘才決定要吃拖鞋麵包套餐,但因為芝麻葉沒有且拖鞋麵包也沒有,乾脆直接吃牛肉漢堡套餐NT$240加NT$99套餐包含熔岩巧克力蛋糕和咖啡。 熔岩蛋糕沒有熔岩,可以再改進囉,總之陽光明媚,大家心情好:)